Welcome to the home where chic momma gathered and be inspired each other...

My name is Talitha Lubis, but you can call me Tal, Litha, or even so just like my high school friends call me, Lubis, haha.

So, as the beginning, this blog purposely made for my personal blog. Filled with a lots of my personal interest like crafting, fashion, traveling, food, friend, family, beauty, oh I'm such a greedy ol' man, huh?. But then here comes these two adorable cutie pie from my belly and turned my world upside down as a Mom.

Yes, I then become a mom. A Mom for Eshaal Nathanala Kirani and Eshmaal Nimitya Kaneishia.

My blog topics gets even wider. I became interested in Parenting topics, such as how my daughters grow up, what do they like, the stage of their life, or how to make creative games, and even better to improve their motor skill. Oh don't forget Kdrama!! (pssttt i used to hate it tho).

I love to be around my daughters, and I also love to be around my friends. Like the quotes say that sharing is caring, through this blog i wanna share anything i love and know to all the beautiful momma out there. Having a toddler and a baby doesn't mean you can be chic and beautiful, right?.

So let's empowered each other as a woman. Be beautiful inside and out. Oh, don't forget to say a lil Hello when you stumble on my blog and be friends! Annyeooooonggg ;)

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